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Mr. President Bashar al-Assad inaugurated the new fairgrounds in conjunction with the celebration of the golden anniversary of Damascus International Fair on September 3 of / 2003 / is one of the largest cities of exhibitions in the world and stretches /1.2/ million square meters and is located on the connecting international highway between the capital Damascus and its airport and the latest international galleries, facilities and services according to international standards

Figures for the new fairgrounds

Distributed tracts showrooms, facilities and services and green spaces in the following form:

1 – Total area: one million and two hundred thousand square meters which is equivalent to thirteen times the area of the old city of the exhibition.

2 – Building exhibition space: 63.000 thousand m2.

3 – open exhibition spaces: the convergence of 150.000 thousand m2.

4 – warehouses, workshops, buildings and customs warehouses: 17,000 m2

5 – Building Services 2100 m2 comprising (a permanent health center – radio and television center – Bank – fire station – three security buildings.

6 – a business center Permanent 2725 m2 + Permanent press 2725 m2 center.

7 – restaurants and cafeterias 12,500 m2.

8 – meetings, symposia halls 0.4 halls (Hall at every international suite) 363 m2.

9 – administration buildings 4500 m2.

10 – a green space – the first phase of the current 40,000 m2 green areas.

B – trees: 10804 tree. And 3618 shrub – Flowering plants and plants to determine: 7900 .hulyat plant bushes and pools up to 20,000 pieces.

11 – nine parking (for up to one thousand eight hundred cars) total area of 11,000 m2.

12 – internal roads and the surrounding area: 150,000 m2.

13 – ten gates to visitors.

14 – Five gates for cars.

15 – telecommunications services and monitoring: 200 line external phone +1008 line Telephone (as implementation of fiber optic network covering the city + electronic monitoring system

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