المؤسسة العربية للمعارض والأسواق الدولية

General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets

Public Establishment for International Fairs and Exhibitions



The Public Establishment for Damascus International Fair was founded by Act no. 40 dated 1955 issued by President of the Republic.


Name and tasks of the Establishment were amended by the legislative decree

no 68 dated 2001, when it assumed its current name and the following responsibilities:

  • Organizing and holding quality fairs and exhibitions, national and international inside the Syrian Arab Republic
  • Organizing the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic in the fairs and exhibitions abroad, taking relevant procedures and suggest delegates.
  • Organizing and holding Syrian Products markets abroad and suggest delegates.
  • Coordination and contribution with other Public Authorities which organize fairs and exhibitions inside Syria and abroad.
  • Supervision on fairs and exhibitions organized by private enterprises inside Syria and abroad.


PEIFE also is the sole authority in the Syrian Arab Republic permitted to issue lottery.


Organizing Damascus International Fair, however, was and still is one of the

most important tasks of PEIFE.


Damascus International Fair

The First edition of Damascus International Fair was held in the year 1954. The Fair is a full member in Global Association for Exhibition Industry (UFI) since 1958, member of its Steering Committee since 1978, which became later Board of Directors in 2003. Damascus International Fair also a full member of Arabic Union for International Exhibitions and Conferences (AUIEC), its Board of Directors, and it is the Head of East  Regional Office.


v Damascus International Fair is the eldest annual general fair in the Middle East. For more then half a century of age a distinct meeting point for trade, economical and cultural exchange among Arab and Foreign countries. It has been also reflecting all the time the real image of Syrian Industry and Trade, and presented it to the world in the best form.



The New Fairgrounds.


His Excellency President Bashar Al-ASSAD has honored the inauguration of the New Fairgrounds when celebrating the golden jubilee of Damascus International Fair in Sept. 3rd 2003. The new fairground is one of the biggest worldwide spreading over 1.2 million square meter, located on the Highway between Damascus and the International Airport. This state-of-the-art fairground enjoys exhibition hall, services and facilities according to the most modern global standards.


Facts of the New Fairgrounds:


ü    Total space: 1.200.000 sqm, which is 13 fold of the old Fairground.

ü    Built exhibition space: 83000 sqm.

ü    Open exhibition space: 150.000 sqm approx.

ü    Warehouses, custom and workshops: 17.000 sqm.

ü    Services space ( health center, media, bank, fire, police..): 2600 sqm.

ü    Business Center: 2.725 sqm.

ü    Press center: 2.725 sqm.

ü    Restaurants and cafes: 12.500 sqm.

ü    Administration:4.500 sqm.

ü    Green space: 60000 sqm, number of trees 19400.

ü    Parking: 11.000 sqm.


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